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Jan 22, 2018
Hon. Barr. Victor Nwokolo

The General Overseer of The Wind of Change Deliverance Ministry International Incorporated aka Liberation City, Agbor, Apostle Chuks Elisha Okenye has release 25 powerful prophecies for the year 2018. His prophecies range from individual prophecies, predictions for Ika nation and Nigeria as a whole.

Apostle Okenye has prophesied that there will be great conflict in Ika land over who will be the next to occupy the seat of House of Representatives in the Green Chamber come 2019. Other of his prophecies are as follows:
I see a great revival in Ika land because of supernatural movement, Governor Okowa needs Divine intervention against trusted betrayers. I see politicians moving out of APC and PDP to form another party, but power still remaining in the North. A strong riot in Agbor because of political problem; a great conflict in Ika land over the House of Representatives position. I see a police station being attacked and many lost their lives; we need prayers for
Abavo Kingdom calling for reconciliation. Agbor should pray against flood and wind disaster. I see an airport being closed down. This year, Nigeria economy will appreciate. Ungodly pastors will cry. Many herbalists will turn to God because of supernatural move. Many worldly meetings will close down. I see high level of bombing. Nigerians should call for prayers. President Buhari and APC leaders in conflict that will divide the party. The vice president seat being threatened. I didn’t see the president for so long in the office this year, his health needs attention. Nigeria should pray, I see another terrorist group. Evil pastors will be openly disgraced. Pray so we don’t lose a Nigeria footballer. A popular bridge in Nigeria needs attention. Politicians are the problem of Nigeria football. Ika musician escape car accident. In Delta State, some government workers are dancing why some are crying. Many politicians will be jailed this year.

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