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Jul 3, 2021

Some traders, who are mostly of Hausa extraction, have taken over the entrance to Oranu Street, in Ika North East Local Government Area of Delta State, blocking the right of way for road users, while the Ika Northeast Local Government Council is doing nothing about it.

When our correspondent visited the venue, it was business as usual as the traders sample their wares, which are mostly wristwatches, radios, touches, and others wares that are their trademark.

Sometime last year, the present Chairman of Ika Northeast Local Government area, who was re-elected, gave a marching order to all traders in the garage market trading without stores and even some shop owners were evicted to give room to what he called a modern market. The people were chased away even resulting in violence perpetrated by some so-called task force members said to have been constituted by the council.


The status quo remained until after the Local Government Council election, and after the election, the local government council went to sleep on the matter and traders returned to their usual street trading.

It is pertinent to mention here that initially when the Council Chairman evicted all those trading along the street, there was a public outcry as traders according to the source, were deprived of their livelihood but after the commencement of the project the people began to see the good in that decision, most people were surprised that Hausa street started from Old Lagos Asaba Road and not Covent Street as many presumed.

People began to appreciate the decision of the Local Government Chairman as one can drive one’s vehicle from the Old Lagos Asaba Road into Oranu, but unfortunately, the reverse is the case now as it is even difficult for pedestrians to make use of the road.

According to sources, some persons who claim to be staff of the council come to collect money from the traders for permission to trade along the street, not minding the adverse effect on other road users.

It is important to state here, that it is  the local government council duty to ensure free passage and flow of traffic