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Nov 8, 2017
Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Nnenu with the twin babies

Celebration was the order of the day as Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Nnenu dedicated their set of twins babies, (a boy and a girl) at Divine Freedom Church of Christ, Agbor-Obi, on Sunday 29th Oct 2017, after 15 years of childlessness.
Telling her story of her story of childlessness in tears to the joyful congregation of Divine Freedom Church of Christ, Mrs. Ogechukwu Nnenu said she got married in 2002 in Onitsha, gave birth in the same year but lost the child, and since that time, she did not take in until 2016.

The church congregation

In her words, “I have been going round different States in search of solution to my childlessness “I went to several places, took several herbs with different colors, taste and odors; people took me to various places, all in search of the fruit of the womb. I also went from one hospital to the other, passed through different diagnosis, tests, scans and gynecologists, all to no avail. A female gynecologist I once met advised me to stop moving from one place to the other because they could not find anything wrong with my womb. However, I could not relax without searching for solution due to the pressure I was facing from my husband’s family, and others. I was called all sorts of names, to the point that I started conceiving the notion of leaving my husband so that he can marry another wife who would bear him children.
In the course of this problem, I came across Rev and Pastor Mrs. L.O Johnson, who gave me courage with their words and interceded for me in prayer along with other Pastors who were also there for me in prayer. God heard their prayers and I became pregnant in 2016. Thereafter, I gave birth to a set of twins in the church (Divine Freedom Church of Christ) on the 30th of August 2017. I am using this medium to encourage all those who are passing through similar situation to be steadfast in God; do not lose hope, until it is their appointed time because no herb, no doctor can do it unless God sanctions it”.
Mrs. Nnenu appreciated the General Overseer and his wife, Rev and Pastor Mrs. Johnson for their continued prayer, other Pastors and all who prayed and encouraged her during her time of affliction. She also appreciated her husband Mr. Dominic Nnenu who according to her, defended her and stood with her all through her years of childlessness against the wish of his family members. Mr. Nnenu speaking also, appreciated God for making him a father, after so many years of waiting, he said they kept on having faith in God, joining others for their dedications,in spite of their childlessness with the faith that one day; it will be their turn to dedicate their children, as they did on that Sunday. Mr. Nnenu also revealed that his wife was involved in a ghastly motor accident which saw the vehicle somersaulted four times at the 7th month of her pregnancy, but God saved her life and that of the twins.
The twin babies named Praise and Rejoice were dedicated by Pastor Miller Iyare, who came all the way from Onitsha to grace the occasion. A reception was held after the church service at the open hall of Divine Freedom Church and guests joined the couple to thank God for the marvelous work He has done in their lives.

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