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In leadership, a leader’s love for his people, commitment and passion for service delivery, goes beyond lip service unlike what today’s experience is with most leaders. It is neither by running propaganda against rivals nor forcing oneself on the people by hard – knock, but showing practical workings to prove one’s worthiness. nFrom this backdrop, it is pertinent to digest deeply the saying “It is not how far, but how well” on issues relating to representation to help flush out every sense of sentiment and prejudicial reasoning for the very best if truly our quest for leadership is all about the people and attracting meaningful development. Hon. Victor Nwokolo like a candle light, his workings and representative soundness are not hidden as they cut across critical facets of constituents’ lives and yearnings as the very essence of true democratic representation.

A critical investigation into the enduring accolades otherwise, goodwill messages showered on the federal house of representative lawmaker for his outstanding performance, it leaves no one in doubt that, he is very much at home with his ever grateful constituents.

However, such encomium enjoy by the humble and grassrooted political stunt, Hon. Victor Nwokolo, it does not erase the differential vacuum of political Scribes, Saducees and Pharisees who selfishly paint oddity to suite their tendencies.

Beside political radiologists who objectively x-ray performance of his representation to spur bracing, every attempt by fault finders to sink his records of achievements has always ended like the proverbial tale of battle between the oppressors of the calabash in the battle field of water.

Describing Hon. Victor Nwokolo in the least term, he is one of the few liberal democratic representatives whose critics are so insignificantly minuscule that, his scorecard practically underscores every technical undertakes to give dog a bad name.

For the enlightenment of un- constructive critics, the functions/duties of a legislator centers principally on lawmaking, being an eye and voice of constituents in the business of governance through oversights.

On these premiers, the down to earth legislator has neither failed nor slumber in his statutory responsibilities as an up and doing representative.

For the records, Hon. Victor Onyemachi Nwokolo in the period beside bills co -sponsored, he has singlehandedly sponsored a number of bills that were passed into law in the Green Chamber were very many legislators are yet to second a motion or add a voice to legislative proceedings.

The bills include: House Bill 879, Petroleum Host Community bill 07/12/2016, House Bill 878, Petroleum Industry Fiscal framework bill 7/12/2016, House Bill 877, Petroleum Industry Bill 07/12/2016.

The above three bills were sponsored on the same day. Only very few members have broke this record.

House Bill 823, National Energy Reform Bill 20/10/2016, House Bill 1009, NNPC amendment act 11/04/2017, HB 708: Deep Offshore and Inland Basin Production Sharing Contracts Act (Amendment) Bill, 15/06/2016, HB 251 : Petroleum Training Institute Act (Amendment) Bill, 10/12/2015.

In addition, on 4th April 2018, He sponsored another resounding bill for additional source of funding for Nigerian Housing Scheme. In the area of infrastructures, his constituents are not left out as he has attracted and driven a number of projects to finishing line.

These include:

Construction of Ute Ogbeje palace road down to Ute Ogbeje Grammar school (Ika North East LGA), Road Construction in Emuhu(Ika South LGA), Road Construction in Igbodo (Ika North East LGA), 3 Classroom block in Omumu (Ika South LGA), 2 Classroom block in Oyoko primary school Abavo (Ika South LGA) ongoing, 6 Classroom block in Alifekede, Agbor (Ika South LGA) ongoing, 95% completion of borehole in Agbonigidi secretariat, Agbor (Ika South LGA).

Others are: Building of Ozei Primary School, Igbodo, Complete furniture at Ute Ogbeje Primary School and more in the pipeline.

In the area of health, the federal lawmaker has excellently distinguished himself by carrying out three weighty free medical outreach in his constituency. The second was in February 2017 with the recent one held at Central Hospital, Agbor which ran from 5th – 9th March, 2018.

On human empowerment, a good number of constituents’ lives have been wonderfully touched as many have been given economic meaning through his various empowerment schemes. For example:

During the 2017 Igbodo empowerment, Hon. Victor Onyemachi Nwokolo gave the following to constituents:

#100,000 each to 21 persons as support for their business, 50,000 each to15 former party Exco members, #25,000 each to 25 youths as support for school fees, 3 Complete starter pack to Hair dressers to start their Hairdressing businesses, 6 Complete starter pack for fashion designers to start their sewing profession.

5 Complete starter packs for barber’s shop owners, #100,000 each for 13 farmers as support for their agricultural enterprises/investments, #100,000 each for 6 non indigenous people as support for their businesses, #50,000 each as aid to the 14 former women leaders of the constituency for their trade, 6 motorbikes to six leadership members of NURTW. 3 each from each LGA to aid their movement.

Before the 2017 edition of his empowerment scheme, he also empowered Ika Federal Constituency indigenes in December 2016.

Believing in the power of his constituents as the ladder upon which he became the People’s representative at the Green Chamber; Hon. Victor Onyemachi Nwokolo has been in touch with constituents.

This he does by meeting annually with his constituents to give account of his stewardship. The recent of these was held at the Ika National Hall, Agbor on Saturday April 14th, 2018.

Hon. Victor Onyemachi Nwokolo’s silence over his numerous achievements/impacts, is a reflection of the premise, “Those who make superlative impacts or govern most, make lesser noise”.

No doubt, when competence marries experience in the vineyard of continuity, plentiful harvest becomes the end result to the joy of the people.

This is not unconnected with the call by his people for continuity. Hon. Victor Onyemachi Nwokolo is for continuity 2019.

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