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Utomi Nwanne – A Beacon of Hope and Regional Security

Jan 17, 2023
Utomi Nwanne - A Beacon of Hope and Regional Security

Utomi Nwanne – A Beacon of Hope and Regional Security

By Isibor Osby

When uncertainty abounds and citizens become doubtful of leadership, it makes it difficult to attain certain administrative objectives.

This is to say that positive change hinges on fostering peaceful cohabitation in a given region. The aforementioned can only be achievable through a grassroots system of government, where the leaders are in touch with the people and understand their needs.

Unquestionably, one of such needs; a really vital one at that is land tenure security and it is one of the cornerstones of Hon. Utomi Nwanne’s manifesto.

Land Tenure Security is the certainty that a person’s land rights will be acknowledged and secured in cases of unforeseen circumstances. It implies that a person cannot be dispossessed of his/her land or evicted from legally acquired or inherited land for whatever reason. But this very security is being threatened by the soon-to-be passed National Grazing Reserve Council Bill. A sinister bill which seeks to forcefully take land from indigenes and allocate to herdsmen. We all know what this means for Ika Federal Constituency and Nigeria at large, there is no version of this story that ends well.

For no reason should land be snatched from indigenes and worse still, by the government to give to non-indigenes; Fulani herdsmen who have been preceded by terrible tales. This is a bill which must be stopped by every means possible.

Hon. Utomi Nwanne has pledged to oppose the bill if given the power to and it is in our best interest to stand by him and with him. This fight is for posterity. What do we bequeath to future generations when our long term assets are being threatened?

Among other deliverables which will come from voting in Hon. Utomi Nwanne, this is one which will resonate through history. Dependable representation has never been more crucial.

Lets join hands together to Vote Massively for: Utomi Nwanne Member House Of Representative Ika Federal Constituency

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