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Sep 28, 2017

The main centre of discussion is Nnamdi Kanu. For some time now, Kanu has become a bone of contention, a thorn in Nigerian’s flesh demanding for secession of Biafran state as his momentous agitation gains attraction from both local and international communities. He has succeeded in attracting sympathy from so many important figures in Nigeria, that people now support the secession of Biafra even when some are not going to be part of the said Biafra. All these started when he was arrested and detained by Buhari’s administration until he was granted bail by the intervention of the Eastern State governors, but not without conditions. But no sooner than, he was granted bail, he violated the bail conditions, such as moving from one town to the other gathering more jobless members, established his own police, military, security etc of his own with uniforms and training, making himself His Royal Highness, Eze Nnamdi Kanu self imposed king of his community even some royal fathers in Igbo land gave him different types of chieftaincy titles. He has assorted cars and each time he moves, he is guarded by his own military, has his own Biafra flags, hanging in his residence and each place he visited, has his own Biafran money, even international passport, declared Federal Republic of Biafra.
Arrogantly posing as if he is already the Biafran president and got carried away because of the support he received from other Igbo men and women. He forgot that there are governors elected to run the affairs of the Eastern region and that he has no power over them, to the extent that he wants to dictate what happens in Igbo land saying that there will be no election in Anambra State. He feels too big to attend the meeting organized by the seven governors to discuss the way forward. After President Buhari has sent soldiers to the Eastern region to curb the activities of kidnapping, killing, robbery etc in that region including IPOB, his boys confronted the army to prove that they are independent but the army retaliated to prove supremacy.
This is Nigeria. Nobody or a single individual has the right to hold the country to ransom. He is overstepping his boundaries, he now constitutes nuisance. He needs to be checked since he has over grown. The Igbo governors have met and proscribed IPOB as an illegal organization. The soldiers raided his residence and discovered guns, Biafra emblem etc. Is this what a peaceful organization should have? Is possession of gun legal? Let us be sincere in our thoughts and doings, Nnamdi Kanu is going too far. Does it mean that if Biafra secedes today, he will be declared the President of Biafra? He should be checked and put where he belongs. Nigeria’s unity is not negotiable and the unity of Nigeria is paramount. Let us not allow criminals under pretence come to mislead us. The action of the governors is justified. Let the soldiers do their jobs too. A stitch in time saves millions (nine).


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