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Majority of those touting themselves as APC chieftains in Delta are rejects and renegades from the People’s Democratic Party. The likes of Hon. Doris Uboh, Victor Ochei, Omo-Agege, Dr. Ojugboh Cairo and a retinue of disenchanted and disappointed opportunists whose over-leaping ambitions cannot find breeding space at the same corridors of governance in the present dispensation under His Excellency (Sen.) Dr. A.I. Okowa.
There is a promise that must be hurriedly put across to them, and it should be marked with intense seriousness that APC lost its rudder from inception and its image from the political radar is but a flimsy blurred one that needs critical re-engineering to find any space to vent relevance in the next electioneering and voting dispensation. This is as it pertains its grandiose posturing at the federal pedestal. In Delta state however, no matter how many political prostitutes they succeed in drawing from the stabilizing stock of the PDP, there is no glimmer of hope both at the gubernatorial and local government levels.
Let us romanticize a little about their aborted mantra of “change” and ask ourselves what exactly has been changed in the last two years of their governance. As far as many discerning citizens can decipher the only thing that has changed in the federal seat of power are the dramatis personae, to counter this, there has been constant implosion, internal wrangling and subterfuge in the headship and among the rank and file of government functionaries. This is more orchestrated with the incessant absence of the captain of the ship (The President) from the rudder control point.
It is worst still because the Hausa – Fulani oligarchy who were invited in sympathy with Gen. Buhari’s earlier frustrated attempts at the presidency seem to have hijacked the party from the Yoruba dictatorial democratic apostles headed by Asiwaju Bola Tinubu. Imagine someone like Alhaji Atiku Abubakar been touted by APC for presidency. I do not think that Atiku is a product of good thinking as anyone would have reasonably summed him up as an extremely ambitious presidential candidate, for the sake of obtaining that exalted title alone, as he, having been the second in command to Obasanjo from 1999-2007 has had no tangible value added to his credentials other than amassing gargantuan wealth at the expense of the people.
The infamous Halliburton whooping million dollars bribe scandal must not be forgotten at this instance. In the people’s court, and before the eyes of God, we all know the truth and Atiku remains a moral prisoner. Mohammed Junaid a second republic lawmaker has been quoted recently to have said that Atiku Abubakar is a ‘bloody nonentity” who cannot get the support of the North for his presidential bid. His grouse is that by proposing restructuring Atiku has insulted Northerners in support of southerners and he went further to assert that Atiku’s support of restructuring was mere lip service for the sake of grabbing the presidential ticket. No One knows a child better than its parents.
There are critical issues that are begging for answers from the slumbering APC Chieftains. Now that they are striving to criminalize Igbo agitation for recognition and self-determination in a precipitous state that Nigeria has become, how then can this be reconciled against the award of compensatory packages to the belligerent Niger-Delta forces who have resisted the financial onslaught on them through resources pilferage by the Federal Government and multinational oil companies. It is easy to threaten a state of Emergency which is the reason behind the veiled declaration of IPOB as a terrorist group, without much ado, but horrendous to try that with Niger-Delta because of the recent revelation made by a serving senator on the floor of the house that 83% of the oil blocks in Nigeria are owned by Hausa-Fulanis, most of whom make up the ranks of APC membership. No wonder that APC leadership in Anambra state has denounced the proscription of IPOB by South-Eastern State governors claiming that they have failed to live up to their responsibilities. Itse Sagay too has adduced the travails in the nation to the corruption, confusion and incompetence of APC as a party. As a hallmark of that confusion APC leadership has ascribed to him the status of an “Elephant Rogue” just for stating the truth.
There is no further doubt that APC is wallowing in decrepit reverie from which reality is alien and farfetched. The reality on ground is that Nigerians are tired of old goons re-cycling themselves in the corridor of power, citizens are terribly hungry for food to eat, water to drink and good roof over their heads. They yearn earnestly for security against armed robbers and kidnappers, cultist and ritualists as well as neo-slave dealers in live humans and human parts. Cannibals! This is the creation of a failed state yet APC led government will not see beyond their unmitigated garrulous ambition to succeed themselves even in the parlous state of affairs across the nation. Such a pity!

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