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This question has to go to the ministers of God, and the members of the church. Who is a true Christian?
There are two groups of people in the church; the Bible told us in the book of St. Mathew 25:32-33, that we have the goats and the sheep.

Today, we ask which of these two are more in number in the church; is it the goat or the sheep?
We see in modern churches where people say, “It is well with me”, and by the time you put your eyes down you will see that it is not well as it is pronounced. You will then see that people are in the church for a period of three years and nothing has changed in them. Before now, when ‘church was church’, one year, after a wife started attending church services, her conduct change and would in turn encourage the husband to join her in the ministry to worship God in spirit and in truth. Also, the man, alongside the wife and their children, would be in the same church. But, today, you will find that the children are in one church while their mother is in another church, and the husband is in yet another church. Why? People no longer bear the name that they are supposed to defend as children of God. Today, when you go to church, you see immoral people, kidnappers, liars, fornicators, and fraudsters.

Even the man of God is a deceiver. The only thing the man of God is after is how much offering he will get, and the tithes he will collect. The man of God does not preach sound messages anymore. So, we now have problems in the church. The church is supposed to change the society but, this is no longer there. Rather, the man of God takes instructions from ‘a goat’.

Who is a Goat?
A goat is somebody that is not born again. Some were born again sometime ago, but now they are not born again, because they have gone back to their former lives. The pastor cannot preach a message that can change such people. In the church there is one slogan you hear from the now. It is, “Holy Ghost Fire:” How can a goat pray and make fire to come down? It is impossible. The only people that can pray and fire comes down are the sheep.

But how many sheep are in the church?
I cannot answer that now because the level of sin in the church is much, where the goats are now collecting tithes and offering, the goats are now the ushers in the church, and at the front seat of the church. In the book of James in the Bible, it is said that if a rich man enters the church, it is wrong for you to ask the poor man to get up for the rich man to seat, because he is wearing gorgeous clothes.

It is a sin.
Politicians who are desperate, who have no fear of the Lord are now the fathers of the church. How do you make a sinner an elder? Somebody that has an idol in his house, he comes to church and you make him an elder. Some of them have three wives, some have five wives. That is why you see some of our pastors not shining, many of them are not doing well; some pastors and Bishops are now leaving their jobs to take appointments from ordinary men. The highest job I have ever seen in heaven and on earth is to be a minister of God. So, how do you as a minister of God go and take a job? You are demoting yourself.

I will not fail to remind you that we are now in the month of October; you will soon begin to see the madness of pastors on the street, stopping Okada riders and passersby to give them envelopes, begging money for thanksgiving. If you are doing thanksgiving, people are supposed to come to join you, by inviting them. Instead, you carry envelopes, pastors will carry envelopes going from house to house, the people will not even come, yet the pastors will be going to their houses to collect the envelopes that he gave to them. This is what is happening in Ika land. How do we now respect ourselves? If we have done the job well, we can’t be beggars. These are things that are going on now; where we cannot differentiate Christians from non-Christians. It pains my heart to see a pastor in Ika land, praying for cars and houses but the society is not changing. Christians are supposed to change those that are none Christians, but it is not so now because many of us that are called men of God do not even have anointing. Many pastors have lost their primary anointing long ago, nothing manifest in their church. Imagine the pastor that goes to the house of a politician twenty times in a month, how do you want that politician to respect you? The bible says in the book of Proverbs, that when you frequent somebody’s house, the person will get tired of you and as a result you will lose your respect. Hence, I want to use this medium to tell the men of God in Ika land that we should go back to our altar; His altar is our office and teach the people. Look at the level of drunkenness in the church today; three quarter of the Pastors in Agbor are drunkards. One of my pastors went to preach in a church and a member of that church warned my pastor not to preach against alcohol because that is what he sells, and that if my pastor preaches against it, he will leave the church. He also told my pastor that presently, his pastor does not preach against alcoholic drinks. How do you want such a church to get miracles, signs and wonders?

From now till December 2017, let pastors sit down and read the Holy Bible and teach the people. Another thing that is reigning now in Ika land is that our Pastors are looking for children that traveled out of the country. I want to use this medium to tell the women whose children traveled, not to believe in a pastor that is telling them that has been praying for your children, so that you will tell your children to bring money for them. What type of nonsense is this? Is that our calling? How can a pastor be preaching that God is an all sufficient God; when you are begging your members’ children to send you money to feed? We are not doing the right thing; we have to go back to the drawing board make corrections as pastors, so that as pastors, we can stand.

We must leave politicians alone to do their jobs Pastors in Ika land should leave them alone. We are the problem of the politicians, because we are not telling politicians the truth; you want politicians to give you the money that they will use to develop their communities. How many pastors do mention Agbor in their prayers nowadays? How many pastors can correct people who cut pharaoh hairstyle, armed robbers, those who smoke Indian hemp, and drunkards? How many pastors can correct them? When the pastor is not able to rule his house, and cannot even pray. Take a look at the pastors’ wives and children; you will not see anything good that will attract somebody to say, “yes this is a pastor’s family”. Do you know why pastors are hungry? It is because we are not living a good life, we are not doing our job, we are not prayerful, we support wrong things, and we undermine things and keep silent. So, we should come out from these vices, so that our church can really stand as a church.

If there is a problem in the life of a politician, he should meet a genuine pastor, who will be able to give him good counsel and pray for him. This will work because the bible said in the book of James, that the prayer of the righteous avails much. It is not the prayers of a fornicator that will work, or a drunkard that will work. An Ogbanje princess that prays and sees visions for you will not work. Likewise, are the witches and wizards in the church that can see visions or pray for you. It is only the prayer of a righteous man that works. However, they are very few in the church, so I want to let pastors know that they should be aware of the goats in the church, for God does not work with multitudes, so don’t use the goats to assert that your church is growing. How many men of God can go out and preach in this Ika land? How many Agbor pastors can go to Ekuku-Agbor, Ute, Oki I and II to preach? They can’t go there. They are looking for politicians. It is time for politicians to detect the fake pastors who deceive them with sugar coated tongues. How can a pastor compel you to pay his house rent, and his children’s school fees; where is the God that you serve? Let us be frank, did they not see Daniel, Moses, David, Elijah, Elisha, Nehemiah, were they beggars? No, they were not beggars. What are we seeing today? The so called pastors are begging everything from the people.

How many pastors can teach in the church for one hour on Sunday, only on Sunday that we have to preach the gospel? You see a pastor he will say we have one shift, two shifts, he will not preach for twenty minutes, yet after leaving the pulpit, you will see him going for political meetings. No man can serve two masters, it is written in the bible. There is a difference between a civil servant and a private entrepreneur, and the pastors are called to the altar. I want to use this medium to tell politicians that they should not look at those beggar pastors, the same way they look at people who are really men of God in this town. There are men of God that you will go to and get what you want. There are men of God that can stand for you, that can pray and it will work, when they give you counsel it works for you. They do not need anything from you, they will tell you the truth, and you need to make friends with such men of God that will make you prosper.

Again, before I roundup, this is to the politicians. Before you go to contest an election, what were you able to do for your family first, what did you do for your community? Any politician that has not contributed anything to his community should not come out in Ika land to contest for any election because it won’t work this time around. Look at Ika land, when you are talking of Zenith Bank, you will see what Jim Ovia has done, anywhere you go to, you will see his handwork, what he did for his people. What did you do for your people that you want to come out to become a Councilor, a Chairman of a Local Government, a Governor of the state, a House of Representative member? If you know you want to contest for any electoral position go and do something that everybody will see, that is the advice I am giving to politicians in Ika land, that you should not just come out and begin to make noise because you just came back from overseas after going to sell cocaine. What did you do in Oki where you want to become a councilor? What did you do at Alisimie where you want to become a councilor? What did you do at Agbor-Nta where you want to become a councilor? What did you do at Agbor-Obi that you want to become the Chairman of the Local Government? Which market have you constructed? How many lives have you affected? So for the politicians, the type of politics that we want to see now in Ika land is not like before, because all eyes are now open. Look at the Uweifo Orthopedic Nursing Home at Ewuru, it is in dire need of bore hole, the building is not good, when you get there you will see how the patients are suffering: no foams, no bed, no adequate facilities, yet you want to go and campaign at Ewuru. I will tell the people of Ewuru not to vote for you, because you have not done anything there. I just want to use that one as an example. Unfortunately, many of you politicians can build houses for your girlfriends, buy cars for your girlfriends, yet your people are suffering, there is no good market for people to sell their products. It is when you want to contest that you will bring one hundred bags of rice to give to your kinsmen. Nobody needs that rice. They want to see the politician who has his community at heart.

I want to thank God for the people he has been using to bless Job Orphanage Home. I want to thank the traders that have been assisting the home, and I want to also thank some of the politicians who are paying the children’s school fees, and the widows of St. Stephen Trust Widows Home. We are very grateful. I want to thank God for what he used Mr. Godwin Emefiele, Ogadi, Kingsley Emu, Mr. Christian Ezenduka, family of Uboh, Hon. Festus Chukwuyem aka Chuky Dandy, many of you whom I cannot mention their names, in assisting the homes. I want to appreciate you people. I will not forget Engineer Andrew Obiazi. These are the kind of people we want to see, who have made a great impact on the society.

In conclusion, what the leaders of our state and communities should be after is; how we can feed the people, and get a good government that is after the welfare of the people. I want to thank God for the development in Ika land and to also thank and appreciate Honourable Victor Nwokolo for all his assistance to Job Orphanage. May God bless you all in Jesus Name, Amen.

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