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The political game of chess being played by members of the Ika South People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the last six months on whom to represent them in the State of House of Assembly has been most intriguing. Some of the self-styled leaders have been playing ‘God’ and intimidating PDP members in the local government. Some have even captured the party and probably waiting for Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) to give them Certificate of Incorporation as a limited liability company. For some, the Governor, His Excellency, Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa has anointed them to rule over the local government. These assertions and innuendos are just simply self illusion.


For most observers, since the announcement of party primaries by the PDP Central Working Committee, and the insistence of the Delta State Governor on the primaries, the PDP leaders in Ika South have been in perpetual state of frenzy and panic. They have rallied round one of the House of Assembly aspirants out of the four to ensure his emergence. They hold clandestine meetings per second per second, house to house and hotel to hotel. They take Kangaroo decisions and actions in order to block the primary from holding in Ika South. They continually dish out fabricated lies to the delegates even to the extent of blackmailing the State Governor whom they allege has an anointed candidate “by body language”.


One of the leaders went to the ridiculous extent to inform delegates that a publication was made in Vanguard Newspaper directing that all previously elected officers have been given automatic ticket of return without showing the delegates the publication. He was not honest enough to inform the delegates that every interested aspirant has already bought and submitted his/her nomination form.


However, it is gratifying and heart-warming to note that, following the meeting held recently by Ika South political leaders at one of the hotels that they whole-heartedly and unambiguously resolved to let the PDP delegates in Ika South to vote freely for the candidate of their choice. They have abandoned their initial imposition posture and allowed good reasoning, fairness and justice to prevail. By this declaration, all godfathers have relinquished their strongholds on the delegates they claimed are under their control. We are grateful for their decision in order to allow our local government to select the best candidate for the legislative position (state House of Assembly) without encumbrances. My dear delegates, you now have your opportunity to freely make your choice of whom to vote for in the case of State House of Assembly.


In the last two months, some of the Ika South Leaders have been alleged to have individually and collectively collected large sums of money as inducement bonuses from aspirants seeking elective positions. After receiving all these mouth-watering inducements including luxury cars, they gave the delegates crumbs. Most irritatingly, they pocket their loots and dictate to the delegates whom to vote for. When shall we stop this “Monkey De Work, Baboon De Chop”. We must stop this uncharitable master – servant relationship in Ika South politics.


To the distinguished delegates:

*        Let’s vote for a digital candidate that will give us a voice.

*        Let’s vote for a candidate that has a vision and a developmental


*        Let’s vote for a candidate of respectable integrity.

*        Let’s vote for an intelligent and professional candidate that will

command respectability in the House and would be eligible to be

given chairmanship position of very important ministries.

*        Let’s not vote for sentiment that will lead us to a dark end. This is not

the time for mediocrity. Ika South deserves the best.

*        Let’s vote for a candidate that will easily win the general election for the party.

God bless the delegates as they vote for the right candidate that will lead Ika South people to the Promised Land.

God bless Ika South and its People.

God bless the voters of conscience.

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