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Dec 26, 2020

As the whole world celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Publisher, Members of the Editorial Board and entire management and staff of Ika Weekly Newspaper, the most authoritative and informative News tabloid in Ika land appreciates and wishes our numerous stakeholders across the globe a joyous Christmas celebration and a prosperous year 2021, for their unalloyed support all through the year 2020.

Similarly, as we stand at the exit door of the year 2020, and guess at the entrance of the year 2021, there are in fact so many reasons to thank God for His faithfulness to the people of Ika nation, Delta State and Nigeria as a whole. It is by the mercy and grace of the Lord that we are not consumed. We should be grateful to the One who has been keeping Nigeria from natural disasters and from collapsing. We should even thank Him for delivering us from the novel coronavirus. We pray to him to grant eternal rest to all those that lost their lives to the pandemic.


Still in this season of celebration and appreciation, the Publisher, Mr. Steve Ashien thank profoundly our amiable and positively dynamic traditional rulers of Ika nation, even as the news organization appreciates your leadership, we also pray God Almighty to furnish you with more wisdom for the leadership tasks ahead.

To our public office holders/elected officials at the Federal, State and Local Government levels, the Ika Weekly Newspaper management sincerely appreciate the collaborations. It has been indeed productive. We particularly thank you all for the news releases and bulletins made available to us. Again, we say thank you.

As we extend our appreciations, it is equally important to use this medium to respectfully remind you that Power is the great goal of ambition, and it is only through integrity that one can arrive at a personality strong enough to move humanity and nations.

Now, power properly understood, says Martin Luther King Jr., is nothing but the ability to achieve purpose. It is the strength required to bring about social and economic change. It is our hope that you understand.

To personalities, families, groups and corporate organizations that placed different forms of advertisement and announcements on our news platform, it may be difficult for you to fathom/ figure out the enormous good you have done us. But here, at the Ika Weekly Newspaper, we do understand and appreciate your patronage.  God bless you all.

As we celebrate and lace up shoes to step into the year 2021, we remind our esteemed readers and stakeholders that Change will be the norm. In the future, everything can and will be done much better as the result of our applied creativity.

Yes, according to a commentator, prices of food materials are high. Prices of staple foods have been seriously scaled up. Prices of decoders are now exorbitant. Electricity, petrol, hate speech, bread, transportation, everything has increased. We just need to get accustomed to the new normal. Everything is new everywhere. We need to be innovative in our thinking, in our spending and in our savings, as we are in the dawn of a new beginning.

For our youths, we must say that your performance this year remains commendable. The words of Dennis Kimbro, is the Newspaper’s message to you. It says; those individuals that society labels “great” reached high levels of performance by developing their talents to a very high degree in the field of their choice. In other words, your potential lies dormant. It must be identified and developed if you hope to get more out of life. The formula for success is simple: a few simple disciplines practiced every day. Program your dreams into your subconscious, then say yes to life. Life in turn will say yes to you.

Of course, this editorial comment which marks the last of the newspaper’s 2020 edition will not be complete without the Editorial Board mentioning/commending the leadership sagacity of the Publisher, Mr. Steve Ashien and ever supportive wife, Mrs. Theresa Ashien as well as the hardworking staff, whose names cannot all be mentioned here; we appreciate you all. The reason for this decision is not farfetched. Those that are conversant with the Nigerian media industry will acknowledge that all through the year, the sector has been in distress. But his creative and well foresighted decisions/policies kept the Ika Weekly Newspaper alive. It is also our prayers that the good wishes, hard work and interest of all in the general wellbeing of Ika Weekly Newspaper shall not go unrewarded.

To our dear staff members, we appreciate your immense contributions. God bless you all.

Finally, as the celebration continues and we wait for the year 2021 with high hopes, we recall the time honoured prayer; that God grants us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change; the courage to change the things we can change; and the wisdom to know the difference.


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