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I saw these two unanswered questions in one of the social media platforms and because the issues involved are very critical to our present day life styles, I have decided to attempt to answer the questions through this public venue for the benefit of all of us, mostly young girls.

  1. If she (meaning your girlfriend) calls to tell you that she is pregnant, will you tell her to abort it and risk her life, or will you tell her to keep the baby?
  2. If she was good enough for you to sleep with her, why can’t she be good enough to be your wife?

Now, let us begin the answers to these questions by identifying the groups of men and women that will most likely be found in this type of narrative. There are two types of men who can receive that type of phone call. There are also two types of girls or women who can make that type of phone call.

Obviously, you can not completely rule out married women or young widows from this type of saga, but because these are matured persons who know what the stakes are, they may not likely fall into such potholes.

The first category of men is where you find the Boyfriend. The Boyfriend is a young adult in higher institution, a jobless graduate or a working class youth. And all of them are between the ages of 18 and 28 years. The second category of them is where you find the Married Men. Here the Married Men are either the young Married Men or the middle age married men better known as the Sugar Daddies.


On the other hand, the first category of girls are the secondary school or higher institution girls, bubbling innocent (ignorant) girls who are more likely to be between 16 and 22 years old. These are girls who know nothing about relationship and because of this, ignorance and youthful exuberance rule their primary behaviours and actions in whatever relationship they are in. this is because they are controlled by erotic emotions and sexual desires. As far as these girls are concerned, all men are the same and so, they cannot really differentiate true love from fake love because they are very easily carried away by sweet flattery words.

The second category of girls includes the young working class girls and the Senior Babes. These are the girls who are most likely between 25 and 35 years old. In this group, you will find the more matured girls who know where the relationship catches are but because of greed for financial gains or their over anxiety to get married, many of them give sex with reckless abandon in an attempt to please their men in exchange for what they want.

Now, most of the men in category one and category two are all in a position to receive that type of phone call because they are all Playboys. Ninety-eight percent (98%) of these men are fun seekers and have purposely gone into those relationships to have fun and enjoy themselves. This is why they all indulge in sex without using condom in other to maximize their personal enjoyment.

The fear of picking up infectious diseases like HIV \AIDS never ever cross their minds because such gloomy thoughts will diminish their expected enjoyment and relaxation. And because enjoyment is what they are always after, unwanted pregnancy has never been and will never be on their agenda.

Why should pregnancies be on their agenda when they are birds of passage and they are always on the move? And because as fun seekers, they never think of pregnancies as part of their adventures, any girl who chooses to associate with such men must know that she runs the risk of picking up unwanted pregnancies once in a while as part of the unwritten deal of the relationship.

If out of ignorance you do not know this or if you know but because of your greed in the pursuit of material things you decide to ignore that fact, then whenever you get into pregnancy related troubles, you have no one to blame but yourself. This is why such girls must always be ready to abort such pregnancies because there is usually no room for negotiating the keeping of those pregnancies.

This is the simple reason why when any man in category two gets that type of phone call, his spontaneous response is Abort it. The man has no reason whatsoever to think over that reply before pronouncing it. The reason for this is because as a married man, there is no room for a child born outside wedlock in his house. If he got the child before he got married, then that is a different story. But now that he is officially married, any pregnancy outside his home is unthinkable and unacceptable.

As earlier stated, most of the men in category one are the Boyfriends. These are the young adults who are not in any way ready to accept family (marital) responsibilities. Because of the free life-style that goes with bachelorhood, they are not just prepared for marital life that will circumscribe their free movements as the baptized and confirmed playboys of the society.

The Boyfriends are the uninhibited fun-loving men in the society and as free unattached young men, they devote all their time to enjoying themselves in the company of various women. The Boyfriends always have more than one woman at a time because they are the chronic womanizers of the society. And so, they flirt with available or willing women without commitments.

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