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Oct 9, 2019

The Boyfriends are the uninhibited fun-loving men in the society and as free unattached young men; they devote all their time to enjoying themselves in the company of various women. The Boyfriends always have more than one woman at a time because they are the chronic womanizers of the society. And so, they flirt with available or willing women without commitments.

Most Boyfriends tell a lot of lies; they cajole and browbeat their girlfriends to be able to sustain their relevance in the lives of their women. If their girlfriends challenge their overbearing autocracy or if they stumble into any of their lies, they will simply move on to other willing girls. They own no girl any apologies because they have nothing to lose for the simple reason that they are the eligible bachelors and the toast of girls in town.

Of course, if a girlfriend calls any of them to say she is pregnant, the obvious and immediate reply is abort it. And this reply will only come if the guy is in a good mood. But if that phone call reached him at a bad moment, he will simply deny you and your pregnancy. He will tell you to go to hell. And what will you do?

The question is, if your Boyfriend denies you and your pregnancy, what will you do? If in answer to your distress call, your boyfriend tells you to abort the pregnancy, what will you do to him? Nothing, cry? Yes, you are free to cry, but he will not be there to wipe your tears for you. Abuse the hell out of him? Yes, you are free to vent your anger on him, but that will not make him change his mind and it will not solve your problem either. You will most likely end up aborting that pregnancy yourself because that is the only way your life can move on smoothly again, with or without him.


The bad part of this narrative is not that you procured the abortion with your own money. It is not that you did it at the risk of your own life. But what is more disheartening than these is the realization that what has just been flushed out was a part of your body. The emotional attachment to that fact compounds the sad reality that your dreams have been shattered by that single act. The worst part of this is the fact that the person with whom you joyfully conceived that child at the very peak of your warm and loving embrace of each other has not only abandoned you at your point of need, but has forced you to abort that fruit of your love.

While many girls stay moody and broken hearted for a very long time, the Boyfriends moves on, perching from one flower to another flower as if nothing has happened. This is why the Boyfriends will always continue to swagger and behave like an Overlord in the society because there is nothing that any girlfriend can do to him. But that is not quite the same with the Married Man or Sugar Daddy.

Many Married Men can initially talk tough by telling you to abort the pregnancy. They can even browbeat you by threatening to disown you.  However, you can very easily call their bluffs by threatening to report the matter to their wives. At this point, they will succumb because they know their limits since none of them want to disturb the peace in their homes.

These rascals will always end up making peace. And as long as you accept to abort the pregnancy, they will give you the money to procure the abortion because there is no room to negotiate keeping it. Some of them might even personally take you to the clinic as a precaution to ensure that you have done it.

Now, what is the lesson to take away from these situations that face us on daily basis in our society?

The first thing to note is that girls in general are the architects of their own fortune or misfortunes. Why should a girl of sound mind have a sexual relationship with a married man?  What future is in that relationship for her? Obviously, that type of relationship is a road-to-no-where. This type of relationship is bound to end in a disaster for that girl because she will definitely complicate her life with a series of unwanted pregnancies and a number of that embarrassing phone call to the Married Man.

Why do a teenage girl need a Boyfriend? Is it because she wants to be seen as a part of the new generation crowd? Or is it just to do what others are doing? The bad part is that without knowing the risk involved, the teenage girls plunge head-long into relationships and they usually pay costly price of gate-crashing into the adult business with unwanted pregnancies and also with making those embarrassing phone calls to their Boyfriends.

When adult girls pick Boyfriends, what motivates her to pick that particular man? Is the choice based on the good attribute she observed in the man or is it just any man to have fun with? Having fun with a man without a goal in focus amounts to recklessness, This usually turns into a dangerous game when the girl allows herself to start having unprotected sex with the man. And one of the obvious consequences of this type of untutored recklessness is the making of that avoidable phone call.

Now that we have seen some of the potholes in this type of ill-fated relationships, what visible steps should a girl take to keep herself from making that embarrassing phone call?

First and foremost, no girl should have an affair with a married man because it will lead her to nowhere. If she does not get into that type of unwholesome relationship, then she will definitely not make that embarrassing phone call.

Secondly, no girl in any relationship should allow herself to slide into a sexual relationship with her boyfriend unless he has made a firm commitment to the future of their relationship. No girl should allow herself the luxury of foolishly drowning in her emotions under the guise of love because uncontrolled personal actions will lead to make that embarrassing phone call.

Thirdly, if for any reason, any girl must have sex with her Boyfriend, then they must use the condom. Fortunately, women condom now exists. And so, if the Boyfriend stubbornly refuses to use the condom, then, you must put on your own. In fact, the house rule right from the beginning of the relationship must be, No Condom, No Sex. That way, you can relatively protect yourself from unwanted pregnancies.

After all said and done, the truth of this matter is that any girl can very easily avoid this type of humiliating phone call and the aftermath of a forced and debasing abortion by simply making a wise choice while picking a man as her boyfriend. But the stupid things that most girls think and do is that, they think that freely giving sex has the purchasing power to get them whatever they want from a man. This is where the mistakes are made because of this type of thinking is wrong and it is what usually leads them into making that embarrassing phone call.