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May 20, 2018

Residents living in Ika nation have bore their minds on the issues of unemployment affecting the society.

Speaking with an Ika Weekly Newspaper reporter, a chemist who gave his name as Jeffinks Turich, from Owere Olubor, said the issue of unemployment is on the high side, since over 78 percent of youths are unemployed. Further speaking, he revealed that majority visit betting stores in order to double their money. He also stated that majority has joined internet frauds simply because they are unemployed. He affirmed “the state is a blessed one but the government needs to go to the drawing boards and make changes.

Another resident in Umunede, Michael Eric, who has a phone shop, affirmed that the unemployment rate in Ika land is becoming alarming. He stated that majority engages in illicit activities because there are no companies or businesses to fit into. He revealed that most of the prostitutes in the area are graduates and also those in beer parlors. He urged the government to intervene by building industries and to employ the youths.

Also speaking, Mr Nwachuwkwu Onyedinsue, a computer operator in Agbor, stated that the society does not have available resources to accommodate graduates. He made it known that the rate of violence – robbery, prostitution, and other unlawful activities are because of unemployment. He affirmed that the government is trying by creating skill awareness programs saying that they should try in training more youths in Ika land.

Mr. Henry Nwosia, stated that those living with disabilities have been marginalized by the government. He appealed to the government to come to their aid and provide  meaningful employments for them. He stated that they are also graduates and most of all humans and so are supposed to be treated equally.

A political science student of Delta State University, Agbor Campus, Miss Okeredjere Loveth, registered her own observations. She said the rate of armed robbery is excessively high and that is as a result of unemployment. She asked “what is the need of going to school when there is no job out there?” She also stated that the young women are now following sugar daddies just to earn a living. Further speaking, she appealed to the youths not to be used as thugs during the 2019 general elections, advising them to seek employment.

Lydia Mokwunye, a resident of Agbor, laments, “The rate at which many graduates are suffering is something one will frown at. She stated, “one will go to school and still ends up riding Okada, or worst still, teaching in private schools where they are underpaid”. She revealed that because of the high rate of unemployment, many youths have migrated to foreign countries for greener pastures. She appealed to the government to give equal opportunity to everyone. She also said that girls have fallen prey to internet fraudsters and ritualists because they too are seeking jobs.

A resident of Umunede, Aghaulor Elvis, speaking with an Ika Weekly Newspaper reporter, stated, “It is not the fault of the youths to be fraudsters but because of the state they find themselves in” He prayed the government to create jobs for the masses in order to curb the issues of unemployment

Mr. Kingsely Afam, residing in Igbodo, lamented the high rate of unemployment which he said is so alarming, saying that the government are not doing anything about it. He further urged the government to come to their aids before the general elections of 2019.


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