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Mar 13, 2018

“The local government polls have come and gone leaving behind its trail. It is worthy of note that the People Democratic Party (PDP) had prior to the election carried out  vote – spinning Campaigns that crisscrossed over 52 communities in Ika South local government area. Then why a paltry vote of 33623 out of over 69000 registered voters where the boastful APC posted less than 9000 votes?” The above statements were the words of a social media and political analyst, Comr. Okorie Ernest Onyeagbor, who hails from Abavo in Ika South LGA.

He made the statements in a chat with the press while explaining the reasons why PDP got the number of votes that was below expectation in the local government elections held on January 6, 2018.

According to Onyeagbor, “findings show that the electorates rated the Okowa – led administration highly. This is not unexpected considering the over 52 verifiable roads, schools, and hospital projects executed in less than three years in office. There are about 45 political appointees in different categories from the local Council area coupled with several empowerment programmes. There are also 48 Community Liaison Officers (CLOs) equally spread across the 12 wards. The one million dollars question is why the alarming voters apathy?

“First, majority of the electorates are fed up with the nonchalant attitude of most political appointees and politicians hence never got close to the polling units. There is a total disconnect between most political leaders and their electoral wards. Most of them who reside in cities hardly visit home unless on Election Day. The home grown local actors decided to expose them as persons of arguable electoral worth. The rest is history.

“Second reason to be considered is the near zero involvement of the Youths in key PDP Stakeholder’s engagements and meetings where far reaching decisions are taken. Here, elders who are supposed to play advisory roles took over important decision making processes in the party, thereby leaving the youths shut out in the administration of the party only to be used on Election Day. “How many Youths are holding political positions or have benefited from government patronages from Ika South. This was also queried by a PDP youth mobilizer, Comr. Kingsley Atumah.  However, the birth of the famous Not Too young to lead revolutionary mantra altered the battered mindset of most of the ‘use and dump youths’ that tactfully left the Election Day in the hands of the old school Politicians and the witch child almost died in the coven if not for Providence.

“Also the imbalance in political appointments and projects location amongst communities is another key factor that led to voters’ apathy. The poor management of the Councillorship mock primaries where delegates list were brazenly manipulated to favour some aspirants brought dissatisfaction among party faithful.”

X-raying the performances of the leaders at various wards in Ika South, Onyeagbor said,  “In ward 2 Orikeze Unit (2), Sir Ebite Boniface (KSJ) a retired  School Principal turned politician, single – handedly did all that was necessary to ensure that the unit was delivered to the PDP both for the Councillorship and Chairmanship positions. The 98% PDP posting in that unit came from the patriotic efforts of this selfless leader who is neither a political appointee nor a government contractor. The ongoing Okowa free Extra moral lesson programmes anchored by Team SMART at Ogbemudein Model School, is a product of his hard work, commitments and faith  in the Okowa – led administration. Will the efforts of this man ever be remembered by the power that be? Will PDP ever reward this hard work? Who will speak for the unconnected? It is the case of “another man work another man benefit” – so bad! Peace does not mean the absence of war but the prevalence of justice.

“The likes of Barr Chiedu Ebie earlier described as “a borrowed commissioner” in 2015, working with Hon Chuks Emuebie, Mr Jude Onyia  and the indomitable PDP United Frontiers political ‘sojas’  transported Hon Doris Uboh and the Urban Barr. Felix Morka to eternal political wilderness and delivered wards 6 and 7 beyond pundits prediction. In Urban ward 10, Sir Peter Idion of the Bridge builders did not disappoint. He was the political general that   saved the day. Hon Jude Omoroje, Queen Ojebor both of Great Frontiers worked out their hearts. Hon Pa John Nwagimejen was on ground to monitor events. Mr John Obiazi, Hon Adams Nwokoro,  Abiola, Big Boy, Isa Garba  and others performed excellently well in ward 9 posting the highest results in the entire Local government area.

Hon Mrs. Caroline Agbi, Engr Nuel Omodon, Olele and Frontiers Deputy Coordinator, Comr. Omorojie Lucky gave a good account of themselves in wards 3 and 4. What happened at Alifikede Unit in ward 5 is unprintable ‘ Communal protest’ vote due to political marginalization. Hon. Mrs. Paulin Ayogbe is reported to have saved the day in ward 11 urban. In ward 8, Hon Collins Bello, Sir Anthony Obuh, Hon. Patience Onyesom , Chief  Onyekpe  displayed their political supremacy but not without a battle.

In ward 12 and 13 (Abavo), most of the first class leaders were not feasibly on ground to have the game left in the hands  of unappreciated Politicians. Mr Moses Ihiame, Agbango  Friday ,  Owuzoh Francis, Linus Ikem, Okwubor Victor, Nahioma Friday and my humble self did the needful in Ward 12. Pastor Agbeyeke  Ifeanyi, Mr Amamosa Francis, Mr John Emenim, Prince Innocent Obaseki,  Jude Amamosa and Augustine Edosomah took charge.

Continuing, “In Ward 16, the combination of 6 – Great Frontiers Machinery ably led by Comr. Ikere Victor, Hon Agboile Ignatius, Dr Nwoga Alfred, Mr. Alphonsus Owuemere and others produced a fairly good result. The result in ward 17 was good but what happened in ward 18 is a narrative that would be told by political Gould forever. While in ward 14, the home town of Hon Barr Okoh , PDP won but with room for improvement. Though Hon. Cosmas Igbinijie and Hon Festus Izoje did their best”

From the analysis, Onyeagbor concluded that APC was not the challenge of PDP but the party itself, adding that no sane Nigerian will vote for a party that took petrol price to #500 per liter to create hardship for the people and also had last year Christmas celebration unpleasant coupled with the recent comedic money- swallowing snake tales. He therefore appeal to Governor Ifeanyi Okowa to do the needful as the people of Ika South yearns for fairness.


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