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Jan 2, 2021
new yearnew year

It would be naïve of this comment to start without acknowledging what has been on people’s mind. It was an unusual year. A year dotted with so many ups and downs that are personal and collective, national or international. The year 2020 was indeed a moment that the global community and development practitioners and faith-based groups will not forget in a hurry.

Even in this moment of tribulations, God has been faithful to Nigeria in all ramifications. We should be grateful to the One who has been keeping Nigeria from natural disasters and from collapsing. We should even be more thankful to Him for delivering us from the novel coronavirus.

At individual and collective levels, some degree of painful failures would have occurred. And it is on this note that 2021 provides yet another opportunity to correct our mistakes as individuals, states or nation.

The year 2021 is providing us with a clean slate to write on.


Here at the Ika Weekly Newspapers, we are by God’s grace, full of hope that it is going to be a positively momentous year.  And it is from this fountain (God Almighty) that we encourage our numerous stakeholders to draw strength, wisdom and faith needed for the 2021 voyage.

While this is said, it is equally imperative to appreciate our leaders at both local Council, state and Federal Levels for their efforts in the outgone 2020. And at the same time point out that at some point in the 2020, they failed to adjust, adapt and incorporate policies that would have improved the life chances of Nigerians.

Such indecision on their part has characterized Nigeria, in the estimation of the watching world as an ‘unfinished project, worse than a ‘work-in-progress’. This has gone so bad that today, the country typifies a country in dire need of peace and social cohesion among her various sociopolitical groups than Nigeria.

From the above realities, the questions that stirs on our faces as individuals and as a nation are; How can we use strategic methods to set and re-establish Nigeria where each region or state operates in a symmetrical manner with no part of the amalgam claiming superiority over the other? How can the nation strengthen this arrangement which at independence in 1960, made Nigeria a federation, resting firmly on a tripod of three federating regions-Northern, Eastern and Western Regions, and each of the regions economically and politically viable to steer its own ship? How do we foster collaborative approaches that minimize resource use but improve the masses’ life chances?   What can we do as a nation to bridge social and structural divides and build a ‘community’ where everyone is welcome and has a sense of belonging? And most importantly, how can our leaders build a nation of equal citizens where opportunities are equal and personal contribution is recognized and rewarded on merit regardless of language, culture, religion or political affiliations?

As the nation meditates over the above questions, it is the newspaper’s position that Nigeria by no means contemplates digging a shallow grave for the year 2020 or its ingrained lessons.  If we do, the presence of its shadowy ghost may continue to haunt both the masses and the leaders. .

Rather, this is the time to wear a sincere national consciousness that   can unleash the social, economic and political transformation of the country while rejecting the present socio-economic system that has bred corruption, inefficiency, primitive capital accumulation that socially excluded the vast majority of our people.

Above all, the Federal Government must recognize, and position Nigeria to be a society of equal citizens where opportunities are equal and personal contribution is recognized and rewarded on merit regardless of language, culture, religion or political affiliations. If we are able to achieve this, it will once again, announce the arrival of a brand-new great nation where peace and love shall reign supreme as no nation enjoys durable peace without justice and stability, without fairness and equity!








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