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Sep 9, 2018

In a response to the claim that a longer stay in the Federal House of Representatives is a criterion for good and effective representation, Dr. Philip Okwuada, one of the candidates vying for the House of Representatives, Ika Federal Constituency has proverbially said that the years of Methuselah cannot equal the Wisdom of Solomon.


He said, “What we want particularly at this point in time when there is hardship everywhere, is a vibrant representative; one who can effectively represent his people and attract things needed for them to prosper and enjoy the dividends of democracy. This has nothing to do with one’s years of stay at the House of Representatives, contrary to a claim that is now trending. It is not the year’s one has spent there, but having what it takes that matters.

The years of Methuselah can not equal the Wisdom of Solomon. A first timer, who is a goal getter, vibrant and has the interest of his constituents at heart, can effectively represent them. If eight years is not enough for someone to perform, I wonder what four additional years can do. Senator, Governor Ifeanyi Okowa who did only one tenure at the Senate House was vibrant and able to better the lives of his people. So, it is all about having the capacity in you to perform”.

Dr. Okwuada has also said that he has collected; filled and returned the interest and nomination forms as directed, saying he is ready for the primaries. He emphatically said he envisaged his victory at the polls. “We are going to have free and fair primaries, and no doubt, I am going to emerge the winner of the election. I believe I am the best candidate for this position and have the capacity to adequately represent Ika People at the Federal House of Representative come 2019”, he said.

Support, he asserted is coming massively from the two Local Governments in Ika Constituency; Ika North and Ika South, which he said has given him the assurance that he is all the people need at this point in time. He said, “The level of my support is superb.

The people of Ika are backing me with massive support; from Ika South and Ika North, giving me the assurance that I am all they need this time. They are honestly following the right train, because with all humility, I have done a lot for my people. I am presently one of the highest employers of labour in the whole of Ika Federal Constituency. If I can do this on my own, then it is obvious I am going to do greater things when I am privileged to be in the Federal House of Representatives where I can use my office to attract both local and foreign investors to Ika Constituency.

“My focus is chiefly going to be on industrialization, agricultural productivity and empowerment. I believe if these areas are adequately visited, only a few youth or non of our youth will be seen roaming the street jobless or think of embarking on the Mediterranean death voyage and the Libya gory.

“I say this with my Agricultural experience over the years and the connection I have within and outside the shores of this country. I have served as a consultant to Obasanjo’s Farm, to Buhari PTF, I have also won national and international awards. I won the best Agriculturist/Farmer of the year award three consecutive times in Kano State. I have won the best Agriculturist/Farmer of Nigeria Federal Government and Central Bank Award; I have also won the British Government’s Best Practicing Agriculturist/Farmer in Tropical Africa.

“In addition, I can speak Yoruba and Hausa fluently. So, I can easily make friends with representatives from other constituencies in the House for the purpose of attracting development to my people”, he posited.

Furthermore, he made it clear that he is not basing his campaign on the promise made to Ika South of being the next Local Government Area to produce the House of Representative member after Ika North East has done two tenures.

“I am not just banking on the promise made to us, the people of Ika South Local Government Area that we would be the next to produce the member of House of Representative Ika Federal Constituency, come 2019. All I am saying is that I have the capacity to represent Ika People come 2019 and will do better than any other candidate vying for this position”, he said.

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