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Nov 22, 2018

With the expiration of the operational license of the Benin Electricity Distribution Company (BEDC) on 1st November 2018, several individuals and groups in different states of their coverage areas, have called on the Federal Government and other major stake holders in the power sector not to renew the operational license of the Electricity Distribution Company, which they felt have not satisfied the yearnings of their esteemed customers, based on several noticeable lapses from their service.

Based on the above, Ika Weekly Newspaper reporters on Wednesday November 14, 2018, went round Boji Boji Metropolis to get the views of residents on the issue, whether the Federal Government should renew the operational license of BEDC. Here are some of their responses.

In his contribution Mr. Kelvin Duru, a dealer on electrical materials by College Junction, beside the Ministry of Education, said that he would appreciate Government to renew the operational license of BEDC, as the company is trying in their services to the public as compared to the past, saying that presently the voltage is stable stressing that they are enjoying power supply now, more than before. He urged the government to compel the management of BEDC to improve in any area where they might have been found wanting, saying that “the devil you know is better that the angel you don’t know”, explaining that they might change the distribution of electricity supply from BEDC to a worst establishment which we may later regret our actions.

Emmanuel Oyada, a phone technician, stated that if there is a better option to BEDC that will guarantee constant power supply, he would prefer the government to go for that, he was also quick to add that if there is no better option then we should rather make use of what we have.

Ideh Elvis, a driver, said, the Chief Executive officer of BEDC is not taking care of her customers as expected, saying “we don’t see light, but we pay exorbitant bills without seeing light for several weeks in the area where I reside we don’t have light, personally I am of the view that the government should not renew the operational license of BEDC, because they only there for their selfish interest”.

Collins Egbon, a public servant who resides in Agbor-Nta, said that government should renew the license  of the electricity distribution company because in his area, they are enjoy electricity supply regularly, emphasizing that the company is really working and satisfying their customers.

Isaac Ekele, a motorcyclist, said that he is not satisfied with the services of BEDC, explaining that most times their electricity bill is usually very high even when they never enjoyed light. He urged the management of the company to try and improve on their services to their customers, knowing that the masses are paying even for lights which they did not consumed. He however urged the government to renew the license of the company, if they can improve on their services to the people.

Mercy Akpan, a food vendor, was of the opinion that the government should renew the license of BEDC, she was however quick to add that if found that the authorities of the electricity distribution company are not meeting up to expectation, they should be cautioned by government and be given a second chance to improve on their services to the people so that they can satisfy the yearnings of their customers. Continuing, she disclosed that they are enjoy light is her area at Agbor-Obi.

Evang. Kenneth Iweoha, a businessman, urged the government to renew the operational license of BEDC not minding their short comings, saying that no one knows how the new contractor for the job would be, so that it will, not be like the case of moving from fry pan to fire. He urged government to handle the issue with caution.

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